The Kingmaker

"Enter the Stolen Lands, a wilderness claimed by nobles, bandits, and beasts alike. Into this territory the fractious country of Brevoy sends its emissaries, tasking them with subduing the lawless folk and deadly creatures that have made it a realm of savagery and shame. Beyond the last rugged frontier stretches the home of voracious monsters, capricious fey, wily natives, and bandits who bow to the rule of a merciless lord none dare defy. Can the PCs survive the Stolen Lands, bring their dangers to heel, and lay the foundations of a new kingdom? Or will they just be one more fateful band, lost forever to the ravenous wilds?"

The Stolen Lands, a wild lawless place awaiting the hand of strong justice. A politically ambiguous place where many parties vie for control. Into this cauldron of woe walk five heroes-in-the-making to create their own nation. Patriots—but to what cause?

Kingmaker is a Pathfinder Adventure Path role playing game published by Paizo Publishing under the terms of the Open Game License. It provides a rich backdrop for a group of pioneers as they attempt to bring civilization to a wild, untrammeled land. This website is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Paizo Publishing.

This blog represents the letters of one of these characters, Marquand, a bitter, righteous man—an Inquisitor defending his faith in the deity Erastil against all the enemies of civilization.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Map of the P.U.R.K. as of Letter Nine

Map Legend for P.U.R.K.

1. Explored*—Barbarian’s cairn
2. Explored—Empty
3. Explored—Trap-filled glade
4. Explored—Empty
5. Explored*—Oleg’s Trading Post
6. Explored*—Bokken’s Hut—Farm
7. Explored—Empty
8. Explored—Empty
9. Explored—Dead trapper
10. Explored*—Tyg Titter-Tut & Pervilash
11. Explored*—Radish patch
12. Explored—Trapdoor spider nest (defeated)—Farm
13. Explored—Empty—Farm
14. Explored—Empty
15. Explored—Frog pond at springs that feed the skunk (defeated)
16. Explored*—Temple of the Elk (tended by Jhod Kavken)
17. Explored*—Thorn River Camp (Staglord’s bandits) (defeated)—Bridge
18. Explored*—Gold mine (Resource)—Farm
19. Explored—Forgotten cache—Farm
20. Explored—Empty
21. Explored*—Statue of Erastil
22. Explored*—Boggard lair (Garuum and his pet slurk, Ubagub)
23. Explored—Tuskgutter’s lair (defeated)
24. Explored—Empty—Bridge
25. Explored*—Old sycamore tree, Mites (defeated)—Farm
26. Explored—Nettle’s Crossing—Bridge/Farm
27. Explored*—dead unicorn
28. Explored—Tatzlwyrm den (defeated)—Bridge
29. Explored—Trapped thylacine (defeated)
30. Explored*—Fangberry thicket
31. Explored—Empty—Bridge/Farm
32. Explored*—Sootscale kobolds—silver mine (Resource)—Farm
33. Explored—Empty
34. Explored*—Grove of Tiressia (forest nymph) & satyr Falchos
35. Explored*—Coachwood trees (Resource)
36. Explored—Empty—Jubilost Narthropple
37. Explored*—TUSKLAND, capital of the P.U.R.K.—former hideout of Staglord—Bridge
38. Explored—Howl-of-the-North-Wind, a worg (defeated)—Farm
39. Explored*—Lonely barrow (defeated)—Farm
41. Explored—Empty—former lair of a scythe tree (defeated)
42. Home of mad hermit (according to Old Beldame)
43. Explored*—Old Beldame (i.e. the swamp witch)
44. Explored—Old Crackjaw (defeated)—Farm
45. Explored—Empty—Bridge
48. Explored*—Lizardfolk encampment (defeated)
49. Explored*—Candlemere Tower (infested with will ‘o wisps)
50. Explored*—Mud bowl (former lair of tendriculos) (defeated) (Resource)
51. Explored—Empty
52. Rumored troll lair (according to Munguk’s map)
56. Explored—Empty (defeated the hill giant Munguk)
57. Explored—Abandoned ferry station—Bridge

Thanks to Juan Franela

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